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How can I improve in the quality of feedback and Language modeling in my kids?

  • 1.  How can I improve in the quality of feedback and Language modeling in my kids?

    Posted 05-26-2023 13:11

    A few days ago, we received the results about CLASS observation and we have some weakness in this Domain: Instructional Support.
    We need to improve to the next year in these dimensions: Concept Development, Quality of Feedback and Language Modeling. Could you share with me some strategies, ideas or books to learn how to do a real 
    scaffolding and to do opened- ended questions?)


    Paola Martin Duran

  • 2.  RE: How can I improve in the quality of feedback and Language modeling in my kids?

    Posted 05-26-2023 16:25

    Hi Paola,
    My previous CLASS assessment result was same as yours. I do not know any resources but I can tell you what I did after the assessment result. (Although, I use these strategies always at that time I had a child with biting problem he was not my regular student so I should have taken care of him during the assessment to decrease negative climate which our climate result was positive.)  The book what I read to teach children is my focus. I integrate everything with my books which means our theme. Such as for spring theme if I read "The very hungry caterpillar book" I prepare some props to display the book's photos. I made a caterpillar for the flannel board then I said "Here is our caterpillar did you see his eyes, he is crawling, he must be very hungry I am going to put same food on the board for him. Will you help me please?" Then I gave the children "strawberry, apple. orange props.
    I prepare these prop by myself but some of them also selling if you do not have time to prepare you can buy these kind of  things from Amazon or other sellers. These kind of material  help me to improve concept development and language modeling. In addition to this board material I also papered matching boards these boards help me to teach colors, shape, animals, ... like a puzzles. These are my teaching materials when I got my CDA I did all of them according to the school's theme where I worked. It helps me a lot. I use construction paper then laminated them. I put a hook loop behand the prop so I can hook them on the board.
    Scaffolding is begin with understanding children's needs. When ever you see they can not do something and they need help to improve you can ask them if they need help if they are able to answer you can act but do not do the things for them. Help them to do verbally and physically or show them by modeling. Such as you can tell them to try another way how about if you do this that way or you can hold their hands to move it correct way or push them if they need support to climb. But whatever you do to help them always talk to them and explain them.
    Open ended questions mostly appropriate for the pre-K children. Any time when you are talking begin with questioning "What do you think..." "Why ...,", " How. did that happen can you explain?", " I wonder if you do this again would it be the same way or different?" You can ask lots of question about the book when you are reading or after the story time when you are using flannel board you can ask questions and integrate the ideas what you are teaching. 
    Each time when you pick a book study it previously. I have my teacher's books which I choice them personally and  every year I am using these books and buying again since after me kids love to look at my books. So I give my old books to them to read them. They love to turn the pages labeling the photos. 

    And also found a webinar about this subject. You can learn a lot about your questions.

    Webinar recording - Building Classroom Quality Through Language

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    Webinar recording - Building Classroom Quality Through Language
    Thank you for registering to watch the webinar, "Building Classroom Quality Through Language." In this joint presentation from LENA and Teachstone, we discuss why classroom language matters, where we stand, and the challenges and opportunities associated with increasing interactions.
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    I hope these samples help you to improve your teaching strategies.

    Good luck.