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    Hi Kelsie, I am sorry you are having trouble getting answers. Your CDA courses are finished with us, and if you have already reached out to the CDA Council, then you are on the right track! You will just need to wait to hear from them. You can also ...

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    RE: Last module

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    Hi Yuniria, It looks like your course ended on 11/25. You will need to reach out to our Customer Support team to get you into the next cohort. All the best, ------------------------------ Rachel Eavey ------------------------------

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    Hello! I am trying to contact someone who could help me find out when my deadline for my CDA is done! Apparently no one can tell me that!!!! Now, I am waiting for CDAcouncil.org to wake up and approve my PD Specialist. ------------------------------ ...

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    i have not received my book. i will check and make sure it didnt get sent to my center but im pretty sure i put my home address for the delivery address. ------------------------------ kimberley evans omaha, NE ------------------------------

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    Last module

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    I haven't been able to see my new class ------------------------------ YUNIRIA LOPEZ ------------------------------

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