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  • 1.  Pre-k - 3rd Observation class

    Posted 03-14-2023 13:27

    Good afternoon everyone, 

    I am reaching out to anyone that may have this information! So I have completed the infant/toddler training and will be testing hopefully within a day or two(had some technical issues and lost my entire dashboard-but thank goodness that was fixed🙏🙏)  However, I got I'll during my pre-K training and was unable to finish my training- I have asked about another class since The beginning of February when my class was, does anyone have information on when a class will be offered and how to get added to the class.
    I also got double scheduled for the infant/ toddler class and the orientation- which I need as well! ( I tried getting that rescheduled prior to the week it occurred but have had an issue with connecting to my coordinator. Has anyone else had this problem and how can I get help! 

    I am and was beyond excited to be apart of the Teachstone CLASS Observation Team here in Virginia. I hope to get this resolved to be able to continue this journey and to be apart of this program to further improve the educational environment for our students, as my background is a special education teacher and my goal is to make a difference! 


  • 2.  RE: Pre-k - 3rd Observation class

    Posted 03-16-2023 10:33

    Hello Megan,
    It is my understanding that you can only train for one level at a time. You would have to take the test and pass it for your first training before you can start another level. 
    Hope this helps. 


  • 3.  RE: Pre-k - 3rd Observation class

    Posted 03-16-2023 10:58
    Thank you Renee for your reply and trying to assist me with this dilemma. The problem with that is- I was scheduled for all 3 classes and orientation...I started pre-K class sick on February 6th and on the 2nd day I was too sick to attend- when I returned on the 3rd day my teacher sent a message to me that I could no longer remain in the class. Disappointed but understandable, I tried reaching out to my coordinator to response. Then my orientation got moved back from February 14th & 15th to the following week February 21st & 22nd - which was during my Infant/ Toddler Training which I did complete and my teacher was amazing!!! However, my coordinator to this date has never responded to me concerning my orientation days which I have to have in order to onboard once certified- and she also stated that there were no other pre-K classes available for me- I would have to wait until summer? So my concern is the level or shall I say lack thereof communication with my coordinator and the fact that no other contact from the company has been in contact with me(other than the person who hired me- but she is out of Canada and has been great!) i feel like I am been ignored and just pushed aside when this is my passion to get in the classroom and make a difference. I seem to find that odd and unprofessional which stiles me as odd on behalf of Teachstone and what they stand for and what the purpose of our job is for!! 

    Sorry I had a lot to say, I am just trying to reach out and get assistance from anyone and anyway I can- ������

    Are you in the Virginia project?

    Thank you again so very much for speaking up and trying to help me!!!

    Megan Gorman

  • 4.  RE: Pre-k - 3rd Observation class

    Teachstone Staff
    Posted 03-16-2023 11:13

    Hi @Megan Gorman

    I am so sorry for all of the trouble! It absolutely makes sense that you'd want to attend the training and do them at different times. I don't have any insight into the Virginia programs and when they plan to offer trainings, but I would ask about making up the training days you couldn't attend. Teachstone's policy is that you can attend a new training for the days missed to obtain access to your test. I hear your concerns about not getting a response from your coordinator, but I am hopeful they will get back to you soon so you can get out there and make a difference! 


    Allison Bloomfield
    Silver Spring MD

  • 5.  RE: Pre-k - 3rd Observation class

    Posted 03-16-2023 11:57

    I am taking the training as an independent contractor. I do know that they are very busy and short handed. Maybe some of them have been out sick also?  I would concentrate on taking the test you are trained for and finishing that. This way you won't get overwhelmed. I'm sure someone will get back to you soon, especially if they hired you. 
    I know it can be stressful, but don't fret. Do what you can now, it will all work out. 

    Renée Linde