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AMA: Managing Challenging Behaviors with CLASS 

12-14-2017 09:19

Are you experiencing challenging behaviors in your classroom? Our experts weigh in on their own experiences from the classrooms and provide specific strategies you can use to manage those behaviors with CLASS.

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01-04-2022 14:19

Great webinar!

12-17-2021 14:41

Great webinar.

11-12-2021 17:47

Great webiner i can't wait to using in my classroom.

10-04-2021 14:03

I found a lot of the information helpful. Great Webinar.

09-18-2021 16:33

Great webinar, and exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you.

05-04-2021 14:27

Great webinar! Looking forward to using in my classroom.

04-13-2021 23:59

I really enjoyed the webinar! Lots of great information that I can implement in my class immediately! I am looking forward to the next webinar. Thanks

07-20-2020 12:08

This Webinar had lots of helpful tips to implement in the classroom environment thank you .

07-07-2020 12:51

Great webinar!

05-28-2020 08:20

hi it was very helpful alots

05-25-2020 16:58

Thank you for recording this webinar! The scenarios were beneficial, but the real situations coming from teachers and administrators were the biggest help to me. I appreciate the speakers acknowledging that it is better seeing the issue/behavior in person to make a decision/judgment. One point that resonated with me was the importance of balancing structure with freedom. It's also important to realize children's triggers and home life and addressing the root issue. I look forward to more webinars! Thanks again.

05-16-2020 21:08

This webinar was extremely helpful! I had a very challenging year, but was able to form some good relationships with my students and their families. It really made me realize even more the importance of the balance of forming relationships and the structure in the classroom. I also like how behavior challenges are imbedded in all of the class dimensions. The real life questions portion was beneficial! Many times, at a conference, there isn't enough time to ask questions as to how to apply the information into my own classroom and situation.

05-16-2020 16:10

That was a great webinar!  Lots of good info.

05-14-2020 17:47

This was very helpful! I look forward to putting some of these CLASS strategies to use in our classroom this next year.

05-14-2020 17:37

This information was VERY informative!  Thanks for providing it to us all at a later date!

04-13-2020 17:21

Thanks; this information was very helpful. I hope to implement in my workplace.

01-22-2020 12:22

Very helpful.

11-05-2019 10:23

This would have been so helpful in our classroom last year and will definitely keep in mind for future years.

07-02-2019 20:44

Very informative

07-02-2019 20:44

Very informative

09-28-2018 19:20

​​​I'm not sure what happened but I am unable to view the video. I was able to see the first few seconds but when I went to favorite it then I got a white screen where the video was.

Please advise.​

Update: I am able to view the video again. Not sure what happened.​

Well I clicked favorite again, as a way to save it to view again and it went back to a white screen. hummm

04-05-2018 19:24

Very informative video. Thanks!!

12-14-2017 10:12

Thank you to our knowledgeable presenters, @Anne Tapaszi and @Kate Cline TS!

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