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Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence chart 

05-30-2019 16:03

If you or your teachers are struggling with student behavior, you may find this chart helpful. The A-B-C chart lets you keep track of what happens before the behavior (Antecedent), the problem Behavior, and what happens as a result (Consequence). Once you collect the data, you can start determining the function of the behavior and what interventions may help. For example, scheduled breaks, modifying the environment, visual cues, rewarding desired behavior, or ignoring the problem behavior. 

This blog post Behavior Management in the Classroom talks about looking for patterns and then listen to this-Behavior Management- Part 2 (hint- Sarah specifically mentions using an ABC chart at minute 16).

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09-29-2023 10:53

Thank you for creating this. Taking the time to gather information is crucial. It helps help staff reflect and move from the idea of "just wanting behavior to Stop".

02-03-2021 11:21

@Anita Hisatake, yes! You're more than welcome to share with anyone. ​

02-02-2021 17:34

Can I refer early childhood education teachers to the podcasts?

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