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Concept Development- Creating 

07-19-2018 16:32

During an episode of our podcast, Teaching with CLASS, @Vicki Kintner-Duffy brainstormed ways to provide more opportunities for students to create, invent, and generate their own ideas to support Concept Development.  Here's a list of some of the ideas that came up to get your own brainstorm started!​

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04-23-2023 18:32

These are really good I will being doing some of them

04-18-2023 20:28

These are some very good ideas, thanks for sharing it with us. I loved

04-09-2023 20:24

These are some very good ideas. We are about to start a unit on "Trees", and I see where i can implement some of these ideas in my class.

04-20-2022 12:14

Thank you this is great, I love the availability and broad ways to learn/ educate myself.

04-19-2022 13:56

Great ideas to help add to lesson plan. Thank you

01-27-2022 08:37

I print this page I feel is very helpful for me and I will share wit my coworkers.

12-03-2021 10:42

I have a home daycare but it is a great information to develop children's imagination and help them to learn more words and memorize it. Thank you.

07-26-2021 19:40

I literally screen shot the file so I can show my teacher tomorrow. So excited to share these ideas with her! Thank u

01-17-2019 12:55

How do you score  a teacher when they get children to brainstorm and idea but then don't give them the opportunity to produce their idea and instead already has a plan in place for what materials they will be using.  Also, do you have some suggestions on how Teachers can incorporate more creating into greeting time when there are specific jobs/plans each day, such as taking attendance and reading the message board.

01-10-2019 02:35

These were great ideas, I just got my CLASS scores and I got low scores in this area. I thought I was doing well but hey I now understand how to dig deeper to bring out critical thinking skills. I will be implementing these ideas.

01-09-2019 22:13

Great idea! Thank you for sharing and I will pass to my teachers as well.

10-11-2018 13:34

Thanks, I will share with my staff  I know my children will enjoy the change

10-04-2018 14:46


07-30-2018 11:07

I will start using it right away, We are working on Higher thinking questions and this will be a excellent resource to extend them. Thanks!​

07-25-2018 15:15

@Liz Savage Thank you! This is great!​

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