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Quality of feedback: Scaffolding 

07-30-2019 11:57

Scaffolding supports students who are having a hard time understanding a concept, answering a question, or completing an activity. This can be in the form of hints or physical assistance. Download this printable tip sheet on strategies to help scaffold students learning. 

The corresponding blog post can be found here:

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02-23-2021 15:47

This is a great resource to use in the classroom. I will print it and share it with my Co-teachers.

02-14-2021 22:36

This is an frequent situation. I love the tips. Thanks.

04-08-2020 13:54

I would like tips on how to phrase questions when scaffolding to obtain a range  of answers.

01-28-2020 15:46

I love the tips provided in this tip sheet. I really like the visuals and I can relate to the information and it makes me feel like someone really understands. I will surely pass this along to others.

08-07-2019 10:49

I love this tip sheet, it is straightforward and to the point.  It is more meaningful because it has visuals as well that teacher can relate to.  Thank you for putting the information together in a way that is helpful and positive.  I will be sure to share this with anyone interested in being mindful with quality of feedback.

07-31-2019 11:18

A great resource for coaching teacher on QF.

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