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ES Real World Examples Ebook 

02-05-2018 10:48

This ebook is exclusively for CLASS Learning Community members and is chock full of real-world examples of emotional support. Real world examples are helpful for explaining CLASS, prompting conversations around CLASS, and making the dimensions come alive.

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03-26-2022 20:13

thank you for sharing this important information.

02-22-2022 22:05

that's an amazing resources  thanks

09-26-2021 20:14

Thank you so much for the handouts on social-emotional development, and the list of questions that prompt language interaction during lunch.

06-02-2021 10:19

It's nice to have applicable life examples to share.  Thank you!  Would you please develop applicable life examples for the other Domains?

05-30-2020 23:34

Very interesting, it could be a guide for a perfect world.

03-24-2020 10:23

Thanks for sharing friends.

02-20-2019 08:30

An excellent training resource!

01-10-2019 01:41

different ways to think about CLASS, interesting!

12-19-2018 14:17

​Great resource. Thanks for sharing!

10-06-2018 23:03

Excellent resource!! please can you add examples in the other Domains.

Thank you so much:).

04-09-2018 08:04

Great feedback! Look out for more in this series, focused on the other domains as requested soon!

04-08-2018 08:46

I really love this resource.  It would been a great tool to use during training because it made the domain clear and easy to recognize. Please provide this for the other domains.

04-05-2018 13:51

This is a great resource.  I agree with Kelly.  I would love to see examples in other Domains as well.

04-04-2018 14:00

Awesome resource!  I would love to see one for each of the other Domains too.

03-26-2018 12:22

This is a great resource!  Are there plans to create other ebooks regarding classroom organization and instructional support?

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