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Upper Elementary video exemplar: Analysis and Inquiry 

10-29-2018 15:02

As you watch this video, look for how:

  • The teacher asks an open-ended question to prompt students’ thinking
  • The students brainstorm and plan
  • The teacher asks students to consider alternatives to their suggestions

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04-10-2021 15:38

Teacher did a good job asking open ended questions. She used gave enough pause time for students to think about their answers and enough time to  share.

11-01-2018 12:33

​​I thought that this was great brainstorming, and it really brought the children to relate to the topic I  a real world way. I think that physical exercise is really important to discuss with children, because there is such a need for us to support them in this age of television, social media, and video games. I liked all the open ended questions and the teacher did not stop with questions when the children got stuck on answers.

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