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Webinar recording: Setting up your Classroom for Success 

08-27-2018 13:16
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10-27-2022 10:45

This was some very helpful information i feel confident in the classroom with this information.

09-21-2022 12:14

You go play with that child and shortly after the other children might come over.Remember that was the child's choice.

01-24-2022 14:04

What if you have one child during transition only want to play in blocks? I continue encourage her that other center is available and after about five minutes she ask is block’s available?

05-29-2021 06:50

Great video 
My question is will this also work for a preschool classroom as well

10-08-2020 15:15

great information real very helpful

05-25-2020 17:29

Another great webinar! Room arrangement is such a critical piece of a well-run classroom and helps so much with positive behavior! I'm glad the presenters reminded us that we need to realize what special circumstances we might have in regards to children with special needs so that we can adjust our classroom setup accordingly. I totally agree that it is vital to gradually introduce materials in centers rather than throwing everything out at once! One quote I want to remember is "Plan to prevent problem behaviors." Thank you!

05-16-2020 17:45

Great information for teachers.

05-16-2020 17:45

Great information for teachers.

05-14-2020 18:41

This was a FANTASTIC webinar for ALL teachers - new and experienced!  Thanks for the valuable information that will be used and shared with others!

04-21-2020 09:55

a lot of usable content.