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    Hi Richard!  I'm enjoying this book as well! Christakis's ability to capture and summarize the current state and complexities of the early childhood field juxtaposed with the science and research behind early childhood education makes it for an engaging ...

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    Hi everyone!  I know this is a tad bit late... (still catching up on my reading), but I just wanted to share a reflection. I thought Christakis's note regarding equity was and the important role teachers can play in educating parents about the science ...

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    RE: Chapters 1 - 3

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    This book has been hard to put down and when I read a chapter and look back on it for main points there are so many to pick from.  I was just looking at Chapter 3 again and when it talks about how teachers are opportunists this made me think about how ...

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    Chapters 1 - 3

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    Greetings! I'm excited to join this group and reflect on the ideas Erika discusses in  The Importance of Being Little.  I have underlined, highlighted and circled so many powerful and thoughtful writings that have deeply resonated with me and my beliefs ...

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  • hello ladies... and gents! So I've been CLASS reliable since October. After becoming reliable, I watched many videos and been in classrooms with my CLASS lens on but this week, I actually did some coding for my Head Start agency. I went in there confident. ...

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