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  • @Liz Savage Thank you so much for that clarification!  This information will help our organization/Regional Coordinators immensely!!!​ ------------------------------ Sherri Loran Regional Coordinator Absaroka, Inc. - Absaroka Head Start Cody Wyoming ...

  • Hi Susana,  Glad to hear you were able to double code with someone more experienced. I found that experience so helpful! While it's true that scores in the Instructional Support domain are often lower than Classroom Organization and Emotional Support, ...

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    RE: Re-certification

    Hi @Sherri Loran , just like Maricruz said, you should be able to do this. Your certification date is tied to when you first took your reliability test after completing Observation Training. You can start testing eight weeks prior to your certification ...

  • Hi Sherri, My certification expires at the end of February. I started receiving emails from teach stone back in Dec. to make me aware that I was close to expiring. I always buy the test a month before it expires and I enter the code to open the test ...

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  • I have also done my first real class observation today with another member who has been doing this for a while. As we compared our scores I noticed that we do not match or come close to scoring on some dimensions. I also see that Teacher Sensitivity is ...

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