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  • Hi I cannot find the Village on my dashboard.  Can you help? ------------------------------ Alyce Leblanc Omaha NE ------------------------------

  • Many that I work with have been focused on a strong social emotional support system while collaborating with families.  They have seen this time with the virtual openings as an opportunity for connecting in different ways.  I have shared the attachments ...

  • I'd love to see this list also. Thought about starting one so many times last year....but we know how that ended. :) Lisa ------------------------------ Lisa Morrow Metairie LA ------------------------------

  • Hi Susan, I'd love to see what you come up with if you're willing to share.  I have been looking for something similar. Thanks so much! Lindsey ------------------------------ Lindsey Shafer ------------------------------

  • I'm so glad you found those resources helpful!  I think many of the suggestions would still be applicable in a mixed-age group, though you may see things like additional sanitizing because of a small space, or some children with masks and others without, ...

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