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    I have a 5th grade teacher that I remember well I failed a multiplication test because I didn't know my multiplication tables so when my mom had to sign the test paper she wasn't very pleased needless to say I learned them quickly so the next week we ...

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  • So many questions! Writing a professional philosophy statement can be hard. I had to do one many years ago and I remember a few questions helping me focus my thoughts- What do I value most in teaching?  What do I see as my role in my students' education/learning? ...

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    I still remember by 4th grade teacher! She was just so much fun and always had awesome activities planned for us each week. There's one activity I still specifically remember like it was yesterday and I even tried to water it down for my Prek goers. ...

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  • If you haven't noticed, the CLASS encourages us to ask a lot of questions.  There are how and why questions. Open ended questions. There are questions we might ask to help children predict what will happen, or evaluate their learning. There are questions ...

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