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  • Hello Hello!    If you are local to Washington D.C. and interested in learning more about this opportunity, please click the image below for more details and to apply.  Previous applicants will need to re-apply as this is a new seasonal effort. ...

  • OK, Great and thank you!  Looking forward to your finished products and in the meantime I will definitely check your webinar out. ------------------------------ Kathy McKechnie Pensacola FL ------------------------------

  • HI,  Campbell  I m bilingual(writing -speaking)   and  interested in participating in the Master Coding Team.  My certification is  Toddler and PRE-K . I also have 15 years of experience working in early childhood and a MS.Psychology w/t specialization ...

  • Hello, I'm very late! My name is Shoni this Community is greatly appreciated, the CDA course was something I enjoyed taking the time to complete,I received my CDA at the infant/ toddler level. It helped me understand my job more and prepared me with the ...

  • Hi Cinthia and Raquel, It's exciting to hear that you are interested in learning more about Spanish Master Coding. I actually have moved to another department at Teachstone since I posted this message last year. I have let my colleague Heather Sason ...

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